Individual Donors

Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park would like to thank the following individuals for their generous support.

If you would like to support education, arts in Oklahoma and a true appreciation for the greatest works in Western Culture, please consider supporting us today!


King Henry ($500 or more)

Erika L. Mattingly
Jim and Beth Tolbert
Charles and Kelly Walworth
Bank of Oklahoma
Lee and Gale Bollinger
Justin and Rosa Byrne
Rob and Deanna Gallavan
Philip E. Stieg
Kathleen McGill
Alan Morti
Anne Roberts
Edward J. Schaul
David Gandall
F5 Tornado Shelters

Prince Hamlet ($250-$499)

Mark and Heidi Silcox
Michael J. Krywucki
Allison McGarrity Latham
Bridget Jaime
IMO Fanny F. Peek - Shakespeare Club


Sir Falstaff ($1-$249)

William and Debra Gorden
Natalie Bonney
Roger Hartl
Steve and Roberta Sloan
David W. Hornbeek
Tom and Fran Roach
Linda and Matthew Wesley
Randall Belford
David and Rachel Holt
Glenn and Deanna Jones
Susan Knight
John and Teresa Andrus
Mary Jane Calvey
Luke Eddy and Emily Heugatter
Elizabeth K. Eickman
Bryan Evans
Perry and Kathy Hewitt
Hal, Lou and Ivan Kohlman
Kathleen O'Meara Marks
Cheryl and Wolford McCue
Jennifer Neitman
Dave Pasto and Kae Koger
IMO Karen Kealy Peak
Judith and Tom Pender
John and Karen Schafer
Jeffrey and Deborah Stinson
Leah and Larry Westmoreland
Jim and Nancy Yoch
Fran and Craig Barton
Stephen and Vallerie Martin
Clarence and Patricia Schmidt
Randy Buttram
Richard and Ruth Charnay
Kari and Eric Starkey
David Patterson
Diane Lewis
Justin Stephens
John Thomas Waite
Jack Warner
Kate Brennan
Laura Cochran
Catherine R. Iwashita
The Jesses
Ashley Benes
Jaqueline Campisano
Liz Dankers
Warren Dickson
Cheryl Hunnicutt
Mark Imes
Kerry Keuffler
Jan D. Rogers
Rebecca Scott
Kari Starkey
David Blair
Tyler and Kristin Davis
Dylan Erwin
Richard Krysiak
Peter O'Neil
Carolyn Saal
Lee Smith
Chris Swanson
Morgan Unrast
Bruce Willit
Abbey Renner
Cara Miller