Theatre for the Ears

Theatre for the Ears


One of Oklahoma Shakespeare's newer offerings, Theatre for the Ears promises to be a favorite for our patrons! Continuing our passion and belief in the power of words, this staged reading series is focused on works that enrich our culture through a classical literary view. Our company members and community artists meet for just a few rehearsals to analyze the material for the ultimate goal-to present outstanding works of literary art with a particular focus to the language that only trained and experienced performer can provide. By performing all around Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Shakespeare strengthens our ties to the Oklahoma community and gives our audiences a unique experience that couldn't be realized in a normal theatrical environment. Case in point- in 2012 Theatre for the Ears performed the rarely produced, albeit beautiful and important "morality play", Everyman in the stunning sanctuary of Saint Pauls Episcopal Cathedral. This environment provided a reverance for the work that would be hard to accomplish in any setting. 

Keep you eyes and ears open for the next performance!  

Past "Ears" Productions

EVERYMAN          i

Theatre for the Ears this spring!

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare!

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A note from the director of Theatre for the Ears and Oklahoma Shakespeare's company Dramaturg, Caprice Woosley:

"Hey gang, let’s put on a show!" 

“Ok, but we have no set, no props, and no time to learn our lines.” 

“Well then, let’s put on a staged reading!” 

And just like that theatre can happen…right before your eyes.  Free of the need for a set and props, with maybe some costumes thrown together by creative actors, staged readings become the most affordable and portable forms of theatre.  With a few rehearsals, a great script and a handful of talented actors with animated voices, a staged reading can open up the audience to plays that are not often performed or expose them to new works, whether classic plays or newly written ones.

Theatre for the Ears began as a project in 2012 when I was asked by Katherine McGill to organize a staged reading series for Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park.  My particular perspective on a staged reading was that it did not have to be a group of actors “reading” a script, but rather could be everything a full production could be, minus sets, props, and the trappings of theatre that most audiences expect.  I looked back to the old days of radio and growing up hearing those radio shows like Wars of the Worlds or many radio plays.  Without seeing all the “stuff” of theatre, I was still intrigued by the acting.  It was in the voice of the actor, with clear intentions and motivations, and sharply defined characters.

From our first official production of Two Noble Kinsmen, which presented as a 1930’s radio show to our very special presentation of Everyman at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Oklahoma City to our recent performance of An Ideal Husband at The Paramount, all those involved in the staged reading series have approached it as though we were mounting a full production.  With fleshed out characters and enough blocking to keep the play moving, we created the illusion of a full production.

And that work paid off.  Audiences laughed with us, cried with us, and left wanting more.  They did not feel slighted in the least that those things we think make up a theatre experience were stripped away, in favor of character and of the words…and listening to the brilliance of the playwright as they built stories using those words.

There is more to come.  We are considering a number of plays for the future…from Faust to The Canterbury Tales and maybe even some of the Greek classics.  Whatever we decide to do next, be assured that we will give those readings the same attention we have given up to this point. 

So, come listen to next our show…but don’t be surprised if your mind thinks it has seen a “real play” when the curtain comes down!

~Caprice Woosley