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Week-long Residencies

Is your class going to be reading Romeo and Juliet? Julius Caesar? Hamlet?

No matter what play your class is reading, let OSP’s teaching artists make it a “Shakespearience!” Your students will experience the play in an active way in our performance-based teaching residency. Our residencies allow students to tap into the artistic experience – and into their own imaginations – while meeting specific curriculum objectives. Theatre arts-based activities include performance, text and character analysis, infusing the learning process with fun, as well as helping students to improve a range of academic, creative, and critical thinking skills.

Since these residencies are based in the English classroom, the primary focus is on using performance and the theatrical tradition as tools for achieving greater proficiency and pleasure in the study of the English language generally, and Shakespeare in particular. We have found that, particularly for unwilling readers and students with special needs who may struggle in the regular English classroom, the residency experience opens unexpected pathways into language. Along the way, students are also introduced to many of the fundamental skills utilized by theatre artists, such as ensemble techniques and teamwork, vocal clarity and self expression, and others which can have a lifelong impact.


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$600 per week; 4 classes per day

Play Production Residencies

Under the direction of Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park’s actors and directors, students will be able to perform their own abbreviated version of one of William Shakespeare’s masterpieces. This program is suitable for students in grades 3-12.

Although the plays are short in length, the language is pure Shakespeare, and his words will soon fly “trippingly off the tongue” of your students. In addition to performing, students, parents, teachers, and members of the PTA may get in on the act by working on scenery, costumes, sound and lighting. Plays are selected from some of Shakespeare’s greatest and most popular works, including A Midsummer’s Nights Dream, Comedy of Errors, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night.
This residency is great for team building, self-esteem enhancement, and language arts connections, and is ideal for those who are interested in whole child development.

What better way to develop creative learners while also experiencing the immortal works of Shakespeare?


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Available upon request

Running Time

12–16 one-hour sessions


$75 per session; minimum of 12

Book the professional educating artists of Oklahoma Shakespeare for a tour, residency, workshop or any combination of activities! 

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Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park is on the residency roster of the Oklahoma Arts Council.