A Day With Shakespeare

Now in it's 29th year, the Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park series A Day with Shakespeare presents select Main Stage productions for student audiences. A day of performance at Oklahoma Shakespeare includes an informative teachers guide, a lively pre-performance interactive engagement at the theater, and a post-show Q&A session with the actors—all included in the price of a ticket.

Our fun, educational pre- and post-show classroom visits by highly trained Teaching Artists are available at a very reasonable additional charge, and help contextualize the play and prepare students to more deeply engage in the production.

Taking students to see Shakespeare gives them an opportunity to experience his plays as live theatrical events, rather than simply as literature.

Pricing and Reservations

Student matinee tickets are $10.00 each. We try to make your trip to our Day with Shakespeare as flexible and hassle-free as possible. To reserve your student group, please contact Oklahoma Shakespeare and give us your best guess as to the number of people attending (including students and chaperones). We will send an invoice for your group. In order to secure your reservation, we need either a p.o. number or full payment for your group.                   

We require that student groups be accompanied by adult chaperones at a ratio of one chaperone for every 15 students. Chaperones will be admitted at no charge; all other adults attending the event with the group may purchase tickets at a special discount rate of $10 each. Chaperones must sit with the students during the performance.

Please note that your final number can not drop by more than 20% of your original booking number and that additional tickets are subject to availability.Dates fill up quickly, with many groups booking in the spring! 

Book your group today! 

Play: The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Dates: October 8,  2019

Location: Oklahoma City Community College Performing Arts Center

Total Seats Available: 1,000

Ticket Price:$10 for students, teachers are free

Schedule of Events:

9:00am - Schools Begin Check-In 

9:30am - Pre-Show Seminar 

10:00am - Performance of "The Tempest"

12:30pm- Question and Answer with Cast


CALL 405-235-3700 or e-mail [email protected]


Major support for Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park's student matinee is provided by:

American Fidelity Foundation

Allied Arts


Bring Shakespeare and English History alive for your students!

Richard III is the cunning royal reprobate so deformed in body and spirit that even his mother rues the day he was born.  His path to England’s throne is murderous.  He rules with a tyrant’s fist.  He’s backstabbing and bloody.  Yet he is so mesmerizing that we dare you to look away.  Historically, Richard III may not have been such a villain, but where’s the fun in that?  Shakespeare’s reworking of history is tragedy at its best- deep, rich and unapologetic.​​​​​​​ 

Our study guide will contrast and compare the REAL Richard and Shakespeare's character.